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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

McLaren MP 4-12C 2012

With the best experience and outstanding team work the Engineers and designers at McLaren are currently developing several new and highly innovative sports cars to bring to the global market. The MP 4-12C is now in production signaling the beginning of the rebirth of a company that has not had a distinct production vehicle for over a decade. Its stunning performance and efficiency have caught the eyes of the automotive press since McLaren first began testing mules at their facility and now we get to see it in final form.

The MP 4-12C 2012 Specifications
The M838T engine was designed specifically for the 12C and has several unique features. It is a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 weighing only 439 lbs. The engine produced 592hp @7,000rpm and 443 lb-ft. of torque between 3,000 and 7,000rpm for the 2011 and 2012 model years. With the use of the company’s carbon-fiber structure and other lightweight components, such as an optional exhaust made from Inconel, the car achieves a stellar power-to-weight ratio of 455bhp/tonne. It’s a simple racing that low weight and high power are key ingredients to speed. The 12C will reach 60mph in 3.3 seconds and an even faster 3.1 seconds with the optional high-performance tire option. As this car will undoubtedly be compared to the McLaren F1 of the past, the new team made sure the top speed of the 12C would be formidable topping out at 205mph.
Vehicle dynamics technology including Brake Steer, ProActive Chassis Control and the unique McLaren Airbrake combine to offer sublime comfort in all driving conditions; and yet deliver race car performance and handling on track.

McLaren is a carbon pioneer. In 1981 McLaren gave a debut to a carbon fibre monocoque chassis in Formula 1 with the launch of the MP4/1 race car, and in 1992 the legendary McLaren F1 introduced the advanced composite technology to the world of road cars. It was natural then for McLaren Automotive engineers to apply its carbon expertise when developing the groundbreaking one-piece moulded chassis of the 12C. With the 12C designed originally as a convertible, its 75kg 'MonoCell' requires no additional strengthening for it to feature in the 12C Spider. The result is a sports car almost identical to its fixed roof equivalent in performance terms, and weighing only 40kg more with the addition of a convertible roof system.

The Retractable Hard Top of the 12C Spider is operated using a switch in the lower section of the centre console inside the cabin, taking less than 17 seconds to raise or lower. Unlike many other convertible models,the roof can be operated whilst the 12C Spider is moving at speeds of up to 30 kph (19mph).

McLaren MP4-12C GT3 Technical Specification

Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Wheelbase (mm)
Fuel tank capacity
120 litres
McLaren carbon fibre MonoCell with aluminum front and rear frames and bespoke carbon body panels
Front and rear diffuser, front splitter, dive planes and adjustable rear wing.
6 speed sequential using actuation via steering wheel mounted paddles Limited slip differential with a range of ramps and adjustable pre-load. Wet sump Sintered clutch hydraulically operated Driveshafts with tripod joints
Engine type
V8 twin turbo McLaren M838T
Engine capacity
Bore x Stroke
93 x 69.9
Max. Engine speed
Limited to 7500rpm
Cylinder block
Cast aluminium , 90 deg V angle, dry sump scavenge, Nikasil coated liners
Forged steel flat plane
Forged aluminium
Forged steel
Cylinder head
Cast aluminium with plastic composite cam covers, inlet & exhaust variable cam timing
32V with 40 deg variable cam timing on intake & exhaust. Low mass with sliding contact end pivoted pinger followers, single variable rate springs and hollow cast chilled iron camshafts
Intake system
Two water/air charge air coolers. Plastic composite plenum.
Exhaust system
Cast stainless steel exhaust manifold with compact MHI fixed geometry turbo chargers.  970 deg C turbine inlet temperature.
Fuel system
Returnless fuel rail with twin fuel tank mounted pumps and twin spray injectors
Engine management
MESL TAG400 ECU & CIU 100 Interfacing with Bosch ABS and Shiftec control units
Wiring harness
Modular installation: Engine, chassis, fuel cell
MOBIL1: engine and transmission
Air/water heat exchangers for engine water and charge air cooling combined with water/oil heat exchangers for engine, transmission & PAS.
Front axle
SKF integrated axles with handed single wheel retaining nut
Rear axle
SKF integrated axles with handed single wheel retaining nut
Front suspension
Double wishbone adjustable for ride height camber and toe
Rear suspension
Double wishbone adjustable for ride height camber and toe
Coil over Multimatic dampers with DSSV technology with independent bump and rebound adjustment
Front brake system
Akebono 6 piston monoblock caliper 378Ø x 36mm Iron ventilated disc
Rear brake system
Akebono 4 piston monoblock caliper 355Ø x 32mm iron ventilated disc
Electro-hydraulic PAS
Forged Aluminium Front 12” x 18” Rear 13” x 18” MESL TPS system compatible
Cockpit electronics
Multifunction steering wheel with integrated driver display Central switch panel with systems display screen
Steering wheel
Derived from MP4-24 Formula 1 wheel retaining integrated driver display, paddle shift and switches

mcLaren GT set the price of the new MP4-12C GT3 at £310,000 for 2012 cars.


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